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 Why hello there!
Thanks for joining us on a tour around our studio. We hope to lift the veil of mystique on our creation process, so you can see how our artisans lovingly create the precious pieces that adorn you.

CONCEPT: We start every project with concept sketches using pencil, pen and paper.
It's collaborative process between our creative directors and craftsmen, where some rad ideas are refined by experiences with material and craft.

DEVELOPED DESIGN: Our designers translate our initial concepts into 3D information models and it's at this stage where we get into the finest details.
We are super pedantic about EVERYTHING and every millimeter is meticulously adjusted to ensure the proportions are perfect.

PRODUCTION: We use a variety of production methods. Our most popular being the lost wax technique, where wax and plaster is used to cast molten metals.
Can you spot our P&F logo in the wax? It's all about the details.

REFINING: Lastly, the jewellery is filed, touched-up and further detailed. Our sterling silver and brass based pieces are then plated with rhodium, gold or rose gold.

ENJOY: Ahhh the best part of all! Thank you to all our loveliest customers of which Pinch & Fold's jewellery adorn. Seeing our pieces being worn is one of most fulfilling experiences ever. Hitting us right in the feels...

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