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Curious about the curated ear trend? We got you covered
(literally - with piercings)


No doubt you've heard this term buzzing around lately, as celebs and the fashion conscious are embracing the styling. This involves stacking an assortment of piercings onto the ear using a variety of studs, huggie hoops and bars. All the piercings are usually done in one sitting and the more ear bling the better!

A curation should be unique and personalised according to the wearer. Things to consider include the wearer's ear shape, lifestyle (as physical activities or the need to wear headphones and other factors can influence the type of styling) and pre-existing piercings.


The curated ear is for women who wants to express their individuality. It's about breaking all the rules you know about ear piercing. Embrace asymmetry and mismatched earrings. Combo different shapes, colours and materials to create your very own look.

Whether you're wanting to take some baby steps towards your dream curated ear vibe or aiming to completely crush the curation game at once, here are some inspirations and styling tips.


Word of advice - this isn't for the faint hearted. These piercings hurt, especially if you're piercing through cartilage. The results however are worth 10X the pain (unlike my past relationships).



Refers to the bump directly in front of the ear canal. This is one of the most popular and versatile spots for a piercing as it can suit both studs and hoops. As it is relatively out of the way (less likely to snag onto your hair or earphone cables etc) it's also perfect for daily wear.


tragus and cartilage piercings


Add a hoop (or hoops) to your helix/forward helix (the upper cartilage of the ear) for an edgy finish to your ear curation. Stack multiple hoops and combi it with dangly lobe piercings for a look bad girl Riri would approve.

helix piercings


Conch and daith
A conch ring which wraps around the outer ear can add a minimal but impactful statement. It works well as a standalone piercing and even better stacked! The daith refers to the inner ear cartilage which is suitable for hoops and banana bars. Check out our article about daith piercing and migraines here.


Spice things up with a cuff
Commitment issues? Avoid getting fomo with our ear cuffs to spice up your curation game. They simply clip onto your outer ear without the need for piercing. Combi this with some simple studs along your lower and upper lobe and a pair of statement earrings to own the curated ear trend. Easy!


 curated ear piercings

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