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The absolute guide to helix piercings

Everything you need to know about the hottest piercing jewellery trend


 Helix Ear Piercing - Curated Ear Look



Unless you're a starfish who has been living under a rock, no doubt you would have heard about helix piercings and the whole curated ear shabam! Even Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Scarlett Johansson and Lily Allen are quickly embracing this new trend.


What is a helix piercing?

A helix piercing refers to ear piercings that are located anywhere on the upper ear cartilage. Its unique locations allows for both studs and captive bead rings to be worn. As for the more daring, several piercings can be tiered together (the double and triple helix) on the same ear for a more edgy vibe. The two most common areas for helix piercings are the outer helix and the forward helix.


Helix Piercing - single, double and triple stack



Pros & Cons

Pros - Similar to other cartilage piercings that are near the outer edges of the ear, helix piercings are able to wear both studs and hoops allowing for versatility. As it is a less common piercing you can express your creativity by stacking a few piercings together on your helix to achieve a truly unique look. 

Cons - As with all cartilage piercings, the healing process can take slightly longer to heal. During this time the area is more vulnerable to infections and irritations depending on how well the aftercare instructions are followed. Physical activities such as swimming might also be limited due to this nature.


Pain Index

On a scale from 0 (being unicorns and rainbows) to 10 (standing on a pierce of lego barefoot) the pain would be around 4, which is lower than other cartilage piercings. This is because the outer ear curve does not have as many nerve endings. However, this will be slightly different for everyone as we have different tolerances for pain.


Sizing (gauge)

The most common size is 16 gauge (and up to 14 gauge) for helix piercings. We strongly advise you to triple check with your piercer as it will depend on the piercings you want to wear. The human body does not regenerate cartilage so plan ahead and be sure the chosen gauge is right for you. Keep in mind that during the initial healing process a stud/bar piercing is generally recommended for comfort.


The Process

1.) Firstly, take a deep breath and relax. It can get a bit nerve-wracking, but just imagine all the compliments and ear-envy that awaits you after it's done.
2.) Your ear will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
3.) The piercer will then mark the entry and exit points with a surgical marker. It is crucial for you to visually check these points yourself to make sure you are happy with the locations marked. We recommend no more than 3 piercings at once. Any more may prolong the healing process and are more vulnerable to infections.
4.) A hypodemic needle will be inserted through the cartilage and the chosen conch piercing jewellery is carefully placed into your ear, all within a couple of minutes.
5.) Brush your hear to one side and flaunt your new piercing!



The healing process can take from 6 to 10 months to completely heal depending on the gauge, the number of piercings and how well the aftercare is followed. During this time the initial piercing should not be changed or agitated to avoid infections and tissue damage. Clean the area twice a day using mild saline solution on non-woven gauze, applying gently to the front and back of the piercing. Ensure the area is fully dried as moisture can help bacteria grow. Some piercings may react and tarnish when in contact with liquids and cleaning solutions, for more information you can refer to our Jewellery Cleaning Guide. If you like to sleep sideways and find the piercing to be of discomfort we recommend using a travel pillow and placing the ear in the middle to avoid prolonged pressure on your ears.


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