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At Pinch & Fold we aim to spoil our customers with a wide range of designs crafted from different materials. Below is a quick introduction and guide to help pick and maintain the perfect material for you.


Solid Gold (10Kt / 14Kt / 18Kt)

Our solid gold collection is the go-to for sensitive skins. As gold is a low reactive metal it also means it is tarnish resistant, making them ideal for daily wear.

Available in classic yellow, rose gold and rhodium (white gold).

Sterling Silver

Our 925 sterling silver is an alloy with 92.5% silver purity and 7.5% copper. To enhance the demi luxe edge, we often plate these pieces with gold, rose gold and rhodium for better durability. By nature, sterling silver is prone to oxidation and tarnishing. This can be easily cleaned with a polishing cloth or cleaning solution.

Plated Brass

One of the most commonly used material in crafting jewellery due to its workability, durability and price point. Our brass pieces are carefully plated in gold, rose gold and rhodium. To get the most out of your plated jewellery, we recommend regular care and good storage to prolong their shine and lustre.


One of the best wearing metals resistant to corrosion and scratches, we use titanium for a selection of everyday piercings. Due to its hypoallergenic properties, it is also perfect for sensitive skins.

Care Guide


Please avoid prolonged contact with moisture, sweat and beauty products which can damage the plating the jewellery. We recommend removing plated jewellery before swimming and showering. Apply beauty products such as creams and perfume before putting on jewellery to avoid direct contact.

Remove necklaces, bracelets and anklets before sleeping or exercise to minimise the risk of them getting caught and breaking.


Gold & Sterling Silver – a polishing cloth can be used to remove oxidation and tarnishing. For a more thorough clean we recommend a cleansing solution. Avoid using soaps and water.

Plated Metals – gentle cleaning with a soft jewellery cloth can restore shine and remove superficial dirt. Please do not use polishing cloth as this will strip away the plating. It is universal that plating will fade over time from continuous wear and may require re-plating.


Our glass jar and pouch are ideal for storing your jewellery. We recommend separating pieces with small zip-lock bags to avoid scratching and to prevent oxidation and tarnishing. Storing jewellery of different materials together may also cause them to discolour from chemical reactions.

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