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Materials Property & Care

At Pinch & Fold we aim to spoil our customers with a wide range of designs crafted from different materials. Below is a quick introduction and guide to help pick and maintain the perfect material for you.

Metal Properties

Solid Gold (10Kt / 14Kt / 18Kt)

Solid gold ticks all the boxes for all the right reasons. It does not tarnish, corrode and has a very low reactivity to chemicals and other metals. Because of these properties gold is ideal for crafting jewellery. It's a no brainer why gold is one of the most precious and sought after metals.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver has a very special place in our hearts. Its demi precious properties means it's lighter and more durable than gold. An alloy of pure silver and copper, sterling silver's versatility allows for more intricate designs and detailing without structural compromise.
No one's perfect, sterling silver is no exception. By nature sterling silver is vulnerable to tarnishing from oxidation which can dull the metal over time. To improve its longevity we often plate our sterling silver with 14kt/18kt gold. Alternatively, a gentle clean with a silver polishing cloth will bring back the bling.

Plated Brass

It's easy to overlook brass due to its commonness, but some of its shortcomings are its biggest advantages. We love brass for its affordability, malleability and most importantly its durability. Because of this we can be more playful with brass designs, offering oh-so-cute to statement pieces.
Brass has a more sensitive personality when its comes to tarnishing and reactions to skins. We plate all our brass pieces in gold, rose gold or rhodium to enhance its longevity. Just give them a little more TLC, they appreciate that.


Need something that can carry you from AM to PM on a daily basis? Titanium is our go-to when it comes to durability, tarnish resistant and bio-compatibility. We recommend titanium to anyone with sensitive skin or if you're just looking for a piece that can withstand all elements.
Due to the hardness of titanium, there are limitations in terms of design styles and detailing.

Surgical Steel

A popular all rounder for its price point and durability. Although surgical grade stainless steel contains a tiny amount of nickel, the low transfer rate means it is considered hypoallergenic for most skin types. Because of its bio-compatible properties, we often use it for piercing posts where there is direct contact with skin.

Aftercare Tips

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