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Meet the Piercers

We know all about that anxious feeling before committing to a piercing. It helps to get to know your piercers, so why not get personal with our team?

Sam Rose

What inspired you to take up piercing?
I've always been fascinated with body jewellery and how expressive it can be. I love helping people express their individuality through body art. My experience as a piercer started when I was 18 years old, and since then I've had the chance to develop my skill-set through professional training.

What was your first piercing and what's your next?
My first piercing were my earlobes. The first piercing you get when you're two years old. I would love to have my conch pierced, hopefully my fellow piercer can make my dreams come true.

Favourite Pinch & Fold piece?

My favourite Pinch & Fold piece would be the Calpyso Huggies. I love how it combines the opal stones with cubic ziconia details.

What do you think everyone should try at least once?
Big or small, everyone should get a tattoo. It's like a time capsule on your body!


What inspired you to take up piercing?

I was born into the piercing and jewellery life. My parents owned some brick and mortar stores in the 2000s and I've always dreamed about owning my own brand someday that offers piercing services.

What was your first piercing and what's your next?

Aside from my lobes, I had my belly button pierced like any other 90s girl (secretly hiding it from my parents). I want to get a triple piercing on my flat next so I can customise my ear stack.

Favourite Pinch & Fold piece?

The Magi Piercing, absolutely! It's just so unique and different.

What should everyone do at least once?

Swimming with whales in Niue, I can't wait to be able to get back and do it again.

Ear Piercing Lab

Excited about getting your new piercing? We can't wait to see you in our studio. Our piercing lab will be opening in early 2023. Click the button below to start your curated ear adventure.

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